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Why not fully automatic

Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/04/11 - 01:23 pm

Over the years we have watched social marketing evolve. There has always been one pertinent stigma relating to who is successful or an exploding recurrence as to why not fully automatic systems.

Fully automatic systems do have one huge boat anchor. They are missing the entity that all marketing professionals are looking for. This is why they have such a huge first impression and then slowly die. And without changing the format to a physiological one, they do die.

Though so many have done just that, die off because of the difference between an error and a mistake. An error we learn from, a mistake is the one we do not. The blindness to this is a human condition. OCD. We wish to believe we can even though we know deep inside, we won't. Yet we continue to push blindly towards our own imminent failure.

I am sure you have all been pounded by the ads, make $$$ all automatically. I have seen thousands of them and none of them are still here. This is not a coincidence. This is also the learning curve I have experienced, this is not an opinion of others, it is a confession of my own fallacies as a human being.

If you really want to succeed on a recurring basis that spider by themselves, you must also include one thing and one thing only. Your actual person-hood. If you do not interact with all the people you attract by advertising, they will all eventually lose interest. They are also looking for what you are looking for, human interaction.

This is the key to all social marketing success, the feedback by an actual human, the automated responses will never do what a personal response will do, and do not underestimate any person from knowing the difference.

I to have thought and stuggled with, just what am I missing here? I was missing the oldest and largest of mistakes, which I intend to reduce to an error.

So in conclusion and never the end, should you comment or contact me, the response will be made by me in person.

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