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What is social media marketing

Author: Kevin Baker @ 02/18/12 - 09:53 pm

Social media marketing is immersing and engaging your person hood to entice your audience, your customers to know you as a human being in relation to your products and or services.

The beginning of any study or learning always begins with defining your intent, your object, and your goals. The intent is the simple one. What is to gain more business and in social media marketing the same as any other marketing your results will be for the most part equal to your efforts.

Defining the object of what is social media marketing starts with opening a dictionary and learn the value and uses to each word.

Definition of SOCIAL for business
Tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others, the interaction of the individual and the group.

Definition of MEDIA for business.
Any form of conveyance by published text, imagery, or motion imagery.

Definition of MARKETING for business.
The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.

What is social media marketing? It ia a very large subject so we will outline the intent, the object, the goal of just what is social media marketing. I am sure we can assume the universal understanding of gaining more business as the intent of each and every person who engages in just what is social media marketing.

The object is the participating in and interactive with as I state on our home page here Internet marketing is its published information Systems. Websites like this one, as you can interact as social media marketing by posting a comment. Any website that has posting, commenting, and or feedback interaction is a social media marketing choice.

The goal of what is social media marketing is the how and why you apply yourself to the object of what is social media marketing. I will assure you that just posting as much as possible however way you can is not going to get you the results you desire.

Putting forth genuine person hood vulnerabilities will bring you a much higher response. If you desire a human reaction, put forth a human vulnerability that we, us, you, and I can relate to on a human level.

In conclusion and never the end. Social media marketing success results from the balance of human vulnerability given and the equal human vulnerability response.

Till next time, tips hat

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