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The Science Of Business

Author: Kevin Baker @ 07/11/16 - 02:04 pm

Science of Business

The Ingredient of Business is People

The Science of People is Physiology.

Disclaimer: Because there are infinite ways to decipher each word in meaning or of them in groups, every post I write is my personal bias and may or may not reflect your perception of what any part reflects and or in whole is the reality you perceive.

I view a business/company as an organism alive comprised by it's viability.

I view a branch of the above as the same.

I view a department of the above as the same.

I view a person of the above as the same.

Physiology defined as we know it so far.


1. The study of the functioning of organisms.

2. Study of how organisms work.

The science of business is the science of people.

Organism defined as we know it so far.


2. A system regarded as analogous in its structure or functions to a living body: the social organism.

Analogous defined as we know it so far.


1. having analogy; corresponding in some particular.

IE: A brain and a computer are analogous.

We can say most business's are the same only by the desired end result.

Yes there is always exceptions to every rule.

We can however not say that the process, parts there of and or the individuals who comprise the end result are the same.

Though we are of similar design, quantum in function. Each person is unique like snowflakes. It is not possible to duplicate the environments surrounding our pregnancy or the operand conditioning which results in our natural dispositions.

A person is not what most perceive. A person is the energy they create by thinking, feeling, express and are committed to.

in conclusion and never the end, tip's hat

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