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The Middle Management Trap

Author: Kevin Baker @ 07/11/16 - 01:58 pm

Middle Mangement Trap

There will be two main groups that align themselves from all large groups.

This is a physiological fact.

Your are on your way, finally made it to the first level of management.

What you will do first?

1. Make a mental list of how you will get even with the world for all you were dragged though.
2. Make a mental list of all the mistakes those before you dragged you through to not repeat.

All people will do one or the other, conscious or not.

This is also physiological fact.

It is at this time you decide you have gone as far as you can or to open the possibility to how far can you go.

If you chose number 1.

Middle Mangement Trap

You will recognize that you have to deal with your colleagues who also chose number 1 and your environment will never improve.
As well as the levels of middle management who are your direct superiors who also chose number 1, these people are the most toxic because they know who they are and are powerless to over come themselves.

If you choose number 2.

Middle Mangement Trap

You will also recognize colleagues and immediate superiors who also chose number 2. These are the people to align your self with if you chose number 2 as they will help you get to the next level much faster.

These people are intelligent enough to know if they help you get to the next level, you will pull them with you.

in conclusion and never the end, tip's hat.

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