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Suggestability and Suggestibility

Author: Kevin Baker @ 11/23/12 - 12:43 pm

Underestimating your audience is the biggest turn off in any sale situation. Understanding the sequence of Suggestability and Suggestibility is crucial.

Understanding always begins with establishing a common perception to what your inferring by suggestion. Below are the two definitions of our two subjects that near always result in a successful communication.


  • a state of easy influence by suggestion.

Setting the stage.

Creating the state by suggestion has a most powerful influence on any reader. You the audience does not want to be told what to think or do, however, if a subject is presented in a fashionable and editable educating prose, your curiosity may be sparked to investigate further, which in result is a higher suggestibility.

Example :

  • Want to increase your conversion rate on your website purchase our service.

  • If you wish to increase your conversion rate on your website you may consider our highly successful service as a viable option.

I myself find it natural to write by suggestion or to infer by nuance. There is no pressure on me to be perfect, there is only the desire to create more interest.

Pre-selling is an art that blossoms with age and experience. As your success increases so does your excitement to enhance, explore, and create more of the same.

Increasing the responsiveness or susceptibility of your clients will result in many more sales then blatant in your face aggression. Empathy is your foundation and key to achieving this state with your copy write material. Keep asking your self, how would I receive this should I be the audience.


  • Responsiveness or susceptibility to suggestion.

  • pertaining to a person's susceptibility to having his or her ideas or actions influenced or altered by others.

  • a condition of enhanced susceptibility to suggestion.

In conclusion and never the end.
Tantalize, encourage, empathize, suggest and share of your humanness will result in a much higher conversion rate of any copy write material.

wishing you well, tips hat

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