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Marketing By Value Added Service

Author: Kevin Baker @ 01/17/12 - 02:14 am

Marketing by value added service is as dynamic as your personality, the choices are endless. Imagination is a built in function, use it, and create your own version of value added service to enhance your marketing.

Value added service for marketing is where the marketing artist in you comes to the surface and brings you out in the open to be seen by the masses we call the audience.

How many times have you thought, how do I stand out when I am but a drop in the ocean of information over load be blasted at the audience.

First put your self into a realistic perception about marketing. You are part of the audience are you not?

Then ask your self. What do I notice about some marketing efforts? Then ask your self. Why do I notice?

The what you notice is predetermined by your physiological personality that is programmed by operand conditioning. Which means what you value as being a person will stand out in marketing efforts.

Today I clicked on liking a social post saying, the kindness of some people. It only takes a second, yet it can change a person and the rest of their life. Make no mistake about what I am saying here. The value added service by a simple act of kindness that is not expected has more power then millions of dollars spent on recursive blasting. Value added service is only possible by being human to another human.

Value added service I demonstrate many ways, will not say them here because if they are expected, then they will not be sincere. So I will not give the farm away in one small harvest.

Marketing which is based on a physiological format will far surpass most other marketing efforts simply because any human can relate. Physiology is marketing. Marketing your self.

Any one who reads what I type is influenced. I know this and being male, I am programmed to communicate with well placed hints. This avoids a great many direct conflicts. No I am no diplomat, my nick name is Ignatz for many very good reasons.

Value added service in marketing is doing the unexpected, being the value of being human in vulnerable empathy. Showing compassion in public is raw courage, being vulnerable. Nothing else can be compared to this or take away from the act.

Marketing with conviction comes from the core of your inner person hood, you will find this quality no where else, and faking it in any way only fools your self.

Again I see the setting of the stage for my most valued and original saying.

Be vulnerable carry no baggage

Allow your spontaneity to flow like water, as your audience warms up to your raw humanness you will see your opportunities to create, instigate and execute your value added service in your marketing efforts.

In conclusion and never the end, value added service in marketing is defined by how human you can be to another human with all moral sincerity.

Till next time, tips hat

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