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But can you sell yourself

Author: Kevin Baker @ 09/25/14 - 03:50 am

To convey a perception of sincerity being present in a dual audience is a way of self. The audience of those and self.

When presenting to the outward audience there is always a duality of question and perception. How you feel towards your self is the unspoken expectation and this is perceived by others on both the conscious and unconscious level.

This is how you can sell yourself.

We have all heard the expressions " In a sales situation the decision is determined by emotion"
My favorite is " In all the really fundamental issues of life the final decision is best left to feelings"

Emotion is for the self and will only present itself after an empathy of connection that is felt on a human level. The sincerity of you to yourself is the seed of foundation and the perception interpretation is the nurture of whether or not this seed germinates.

This is how you can sell yourself.

There are communicative tools that are taught the world over. What is referred to as closing tools. The usefulness of any tool is in the how you actually implement the application.

The most used sales closing tools.

The " Order Blank Close "
Lets write out this deal and move on. The call to action.

The " Preference Close "
Would you like your order in blue or pink? Either is a yes sale.

The " Benjamin Franklin Close "
Lets write out the list of pros and cons and make this decision. If you have sold yourself you know the outcome.

For instance consider a carpenter, this carpenter says they are great at what they do. The proof of this is a poetry in action when you watch the carpenter apply the tool called a hammer. Some can make this look easy, some can make this appear magical. The carpenter who captivates the audience in mesmerized attention has sold themselves long ago and their conviction flows with out preemption or forethought.

This is how you can sell yourself.

In all communication the duality of audience is always flowing back and forth. Energy has to move. The energy you create as you present yourself flows to the outward audience, they filter that through cognition recognition and create an empathetic emotion that does in turn flow back to you the inward audience.

This is how you can sell yourself.

Every time you engage the outward audience you are in constant inward reflection of how you are perceived. This no longer is an effort once you are sold yourself on yourself and the magical creation of free flowing energy between the outward and inward audience becomes a natural occurrence.

In conclusion and never the end. The magic in captivation of an outward audience is only possible if you can sell yourself.

Till next time, tips hat

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