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Are Your Keywords Proper

Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/27/11 - 02:36 pm

Keywords done properly combined with valid content that is relevant to the keywords is imperative in search engine marketing. To over look how results are decided by algorithm and then displayed is the same as shooting darts in the dark.

Your keywords are used in a series of algorithms until the final result is displayed as the most relevant valid content for the person searching by keywords.

How to not succeed @ #marketing with keywords.

1. #Submit a #webpage with #keywords not found in the #content or #description

If you keywords are not fount in the content and description your submission will be denoted and passed over as not relevant. This is the first rule of search engine marketing and is not to be ignored if you wish to have any success with your keywords being done properly.

2. #Submit a #webpage with #title #words not found in the #keywords

Your title words must be found in your keywords, especially the first keyword, this will tie together a congruent submission to bring you to the consideration algorithm for top relevance.

3. #Submit a #webpage where the frequency of #words in #DESC order do not match your #keywords

The importance or validity of your content is best displayed by this mathematical equation. Most are not even aware that some search engines do use this as a way to display relevant content by keywords. So the frequency of your keywords found in the content and then in order by descending order is a sure way of getting better results in searches by keywords.

4. #Submit a #webpage where the #frequency of #keywords is less then 1%

If your main entry of keywords is only found once in your content the algorithm of relevance is not met. This may result in your webpage not being included in search results. The relevance of valid content is to me the most important algorithm of them all, it is what decides to be the final results displayed all triggered by your keywords.

In conclusion and never the end, do not use keywords loosely, they may just be the reason your web page is not being found by keyword search because your keywords are not relevant to the content you are submitting.

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