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First and Foremost

Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/13/11 - 12:43 am

It is always nice to visit our website and be personally proud or pleased by the innovation of this marketing frontier we call the internet. So who is the website for?

First of course is the impression made on your mind when you first view this site. There is hundreds of connections made upon the first glance.

Our minds create instant associations to familiar sites and sounds. Our memory works the same. Pictures and the sounds associated with them. For instance, baby pictures of our children, we are triggered not only to remember what they appeared like, we clearly hear the sounds that were around when we took the picture. We feel clearly all the energy created at that exact moment and it becomes a permanent testament or our love towards them and those who surround us.

We all crave to be understood, this is our primary instinct. Being unique and perhaps somewhat different. Though we are all created the same, carbon in design, chi in function. The difference in all people is the resulting set of cognition's we store in our memory from outside influence and the decisions we make regarding how they will affect us and how we will influence others and ourselves.

Keeping this in mind when designing or marketing our website is crucial to it's over all success. Especially to the search engines. Even though the bots that crawl our sites are not people, It is us the people who do search on them. We search for answers to questions, for insight or direction in our lives, our business, and our legacy.

Designing your website is to stay focused on the physiological responses that will be created each and every time a person visits your site. When creating websites I go through many exercises of what will you and others get from what they see, what they read. How will you possible feel towards what I am typing right now?

The media , this website, what I am typing as you read is influence on the search engine that crawls this page and the resulting visitors who find it. This may or may not be of significant influence, as this is your decision, not mine.

When you decide on your search engine marketing keep the first and foremost principal of who else is going to visit, not yourself. You who reads this will determine it's validity. How I feel or think about what I am typing for you to find on the search engine is of very little significance as I am only one, you are the many.

In conclusion and never the end. It is you who we create and distribute our website to the search engine to be found.

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/13/11 - 12:43 am

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