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Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/06/11 - 05:52 pm

What is the best approach when using social sites that involve groups to join. Is it a post or a comment that gets you the desired response? Over the years I have noted through stats analysis that one gets results many times over and much faster.

Thank you for visiting this post, I have wanted to put this up for a while now even though it is an oxymoron post.

Lets start with how to know the results of a post or a comment before we ask the question so we are ready to catch what comes from doing just that, asking the question. Which brings more resulting traffic, a post or a comment?

IF you keep proper analytic stats it will retain the full path url that the input traffic comes from. A very valuable tool when you want to know which page of a domain, and or also which part of the page. Did the input traffic come from a post verses a comment.

After many years of marketing on the internet one gets to notice the effort verses the results thing. A question keeps recurring every day. Is what I am doing getting or going to get the results desired?

I have used every site out there that involves membership and groups of niche orientation. They are all basically the same. They all do bring traffic. All of them no matter how small the membership and sometimes the smaller ones bring more then the giants. Without going off topic, which I tend to do sometimes I will not go through each one or we would be here all day. Keeping on track of the question at hand, I used to be a post fanatic. I would post until I got the wrong attention. Trying to over take your competition is a huge mistake, why you say, because your
competition is also your customers.

After banging my head until it bled every time, I am a slow learner, and do use that to my advantage. I now do what I refer to as
Salt and Lots of Pepper
to season my results by effort. Certainly if you join a group it is expected of you will make a post. Do keep in mind of remaining topic oriented. I get comments about world peace problems to blog entries about reflexology. Not even close.

Lets analyze this further then the obvious. When you make a post it will get seen by some, actually read by a few and every once in a while a person is just as keen about what you are writing they will comment. Ok who I say who is going to get the resulting traffic, is it the person who makes the post or the person who makes the comment. My vote is on the person who makes the comment, it is affirmation to the person who posted or a new perception and possibly also yours of what the post is trying to say.

Again lets stay on topic, just posting a comment is not going to work unless your comment is just as topic oriented or even more topic specific then the original post. Think through carefully how you would perceive the comment before you post. Think even more carefully how the person who made the original post is going to receive what you say. Your competition is your customer. Sales is repetition only if your still on topic. Take the time to follow through the original post to the resulting blog or site mentioned and read what the entire idea is or is trying to present. Post a comment that is a compliment to the original post or it will be perceived as trying to take away from them.

In conclusion and never the end. My vote is on the comment not the post. This comes from many years of making a post or making a comment and then watching the resulting analytic statistics.

Salt and Lots of Pepper

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/06/11 - 05:52 pm

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