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It is Always The Ninth Inning

Author: Kevin Baker @ 06/11/14 - 10:26 pm

The ninth inning is where those that spend more time, energy and effort in preparedness win.

Every day is the ninth inning in marketing.

The time when you realize that one wrong move costs you the game.

The ninth inning is where those that spend more time, energy and effort in preparedness win.

Preparedness refers to a very concrete research based set of actions that are taken as precautionary measures in the face of potential disasters. These actions can include both physical preparations (such as emergency supplies depots, adapting buildings to survive earthquakes and so on) and trainings for emergency action. Preparedness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes.

This is where the three amigos comes in. Those that wonder what happened, those that think something happened and those who know what happened and adjust with intelligence to prevent the negative outcomes.

Why do actors have rehearsals, to test each and every outcome and the impending results you may not preemptively comprehend until you test.

The more time you spend being the customer and testing scenarios the far better your marketing results will become.

Long gone are the if they see it more then the others we win. This in today's awareness level is a marketing suicide with long lasting negative results.

A marketer should take a course in Physiology. How do words affect and effect psychological triggers. The same for colors.

Block content structure is a powerful tool when used properly.

The difference between well thought out content and those who patch it together is the same as turning on a faucet with no screen verses one with.

The results are controlled and funneled , the unprepared content splatters all over and there is no way to catch the ball.

In the ninth inning you cannot drop nor miss the ball.

In conclusion and never the end.

Each day remember It is always the NINTH inning.

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 06/11/14 - 10:26 pm

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